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Tamko® Residential Roofing Products

Ameristar Roofing & Restoration is excited to offer Tamko® residential roofing projects. Established in 1944, Tamko® has a history of quality and innovation. Their Heritage® line is a premium line of residential laminated asphalt roofing shingles which will provide a pleasant and distinguished look for your home.

Tamko Heritage Series

Tamko® Heritage® Series

Leanr more about Tamko® Heritage® series, their premier line of laminated asphalt shingles.The combination of color, cut, and coverage gives this line it's distinctive look and quality. Learn More...

Tamko® Color Selection by location

Tamko® Color Selection by Location

Learn more about which Tamko® Products are available in your area! Learn More...

Tamko Heritage Woodgate

Tamko® Heritage® Woodgate® Shingles

One of the most popular products from Tamko®, Heritage® Woodgate® is an architechtural shingle which will add distrinction to your home. Learn More...